Canada’s No.1 Email Marketing Services

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Canada’s No.1 Email Marketing Services

Canada’s No.1 Email Marketing Services

Are you staying in touch with your clients after generation the first sales? If not, then you’re at a risk of losing one client after another. Nurture your existing and entice prospective clients with top notch email marketing services in Canada.

Keep your potential sales leads informed about the latest updates, news and offers for your products and services for assured business growth.  

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Most companies lose their customers after the first rejection. However, our ingenious sales experts crafted incredible emails to keep such prospective customer engaged to create sales in near future, if not now.

We aim to keep the potential leads in the sales pipeline informed and updated about the relevant information to stay fresh in their mind. Ranging from creating regular campaigns to automated emails, we create crisp and clear content to hook their attention and motivate to create sales.

Intuitive use of our email marketing services can expedite your sales cycle, save time, and effectively employ our experienced sales personnel. Establish direct contact with potential customers to keep the doors open for generating product/service sales.

Make an unforgettable impression every time a customer clicks on your email with a broad smile and complete interest with Pruven Digital Marketing!

How Our Email Marketing Agency Helps?

Email marketing may look dead, but is not. If used with a bit of tact and tenacity, you can soar up the sales figures like anything.

As a preferred Canadian email marketing agency, we provide the following services to keep your sales juggernaut churning:

♦ Formulate Email Marketing Strategy

  • We will conduct a competitive analysis to determine the nature of your target audience.
  • Our content development team creates user-friendly content to convey the brand message.
  • Decide the number and type of customers.
  • Schedule the frequency of emails to make tangible progress in the sales pipeline.

♦ Create Lead Magnets

  • We create an email list of customers who will be offered valuable offers or incentives in lieu of their email address. For instance, free e-books, product guides, checklists etc.
  • We collaborate to convert the lead magnets into customers with regular nurturement.

♦ Social Media Advertising

  • We will promote lead magnets on social media accounts to gain the traction from the prospective customers.
  • Influence customers to visit the landing page and subscribe to the emailing list.

♦ Email Newsletters

  • Our email newsletters are well crafted to spread your brand message along with promoting blogs, case studies, and latest updates.

♦ Email List Maintenance

  • We continuously filter the email list to discard the cold or inert subscribers.
  • Improves email deliverability and avoids ending up in the spam list.
  • Creates and manages a highly engaged email list of potential sales leads.

Streamline Marketing Campaigns with Email Marketing Services in Canada.

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Whether you own a small company sending handful of emails, or large business pushing hundreds of emails every single day, we have email marketing services plans ideally suiting your ethos and strategic ambitions.

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